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Meredith Investigates: Letter to Self #3, 2009

This post may otherwise be known as: Love Letter to My Dog.

But more on that later.

For now, welcome back to my letters to self. For those of you out of the loop, I wrote a series of letters to myself when I was in junior high and high school that I didn’t get to see until I graduated. Now, since I’ve just graduated from college, I’ve decided to reexamine these letters and share them with all of you.

This week, we’ve hit 2009. No more middle school! Happier words were never spoken, written, or typed. However, let me tell you: the adolescent struggle isn’t over. Not for a long shot.

Let me introduce you to 2009 Meredith. High school has not made her any cooler. She spends a lot of time in class pretending to pay attention, but drawing or writing instead. She and her friends have developed a secret calculator code to pass notes in class. Only now has she finally been allowed to get on Facebook.

There’s no good explanation for this picture, other than that all of the boys were gone for a soccer tournament, so our class took an impromptu field trip to McDonald’s and the park. Also, our teacher had a Hummer.

And let’s take a look at her handwriting. Now she’s writing in cursive, which is what I still write in now, but she lacks some of the flourishes I’ve added in the coming years. Everything looks pretty standard, no creativity there.

Also, side note: young Meredith’s punctuation was still on point. I haven’t corrected any of it in these posts, and every comma, apostrophe, and colon is still in place. Sometimes I can’t believe it, but middle school and high school Meredith still knew grammar like the back of her hand.

Nothing left to do but dive into the letter, right?


Written by a girl who hasn’t had a Spanish class since 2005.

I’m Meredith, as you probably know, because hello! You’re me!

Apparently, the thought didn’t occur to me at 14 that I’d be sharing any of this with the rest of the world.

What to write about…

Constant struggle.

Mrs. Williams just on some music.

She was always good with the tunes.

I’m hungry: I have to get through this class before lunch.

Not gonna lie, food is always on my mind. Just you wait, 2009 Meredith; half the time at college, you don’t get a lunch break. You just starve.

I’m a freshman this year. It’s pretty cool, I guess. The class are going to be harder. But that’s a good thing.

What a nerd.

I’m almost fifteen, but I have no idea what I want for my birthday. I need a metronome for piano, but other than that, nothing.

Maybe I should blame my lack of instrumental talent on the fact that I never did get a metronome for my birthday.

Oh, I have a new puppy!

And here’s that love letter I was telling you about.

His name is Edison and he’s a Border Collie.

Pupper then:


Doggo now:

Please enjoy artsy photos of the most perfect boy.

A post shared by Meredith Sweet (@kindamgsweet) on

He is so adorable. I swear, if he were a man, I’d marry him.

TMI, Meredith. TMI.

We have our first away game today.

Clarification: I played volleyball throughout junior high and high school. For those of you who know what my athletic abilities are, this might come as a shock, but that’s one of the upsides of going to a small school. They will take literally anybody.

I’m on Varsity now: isn’t that great? We’re playing Fellowship and driving all the way to Owosso. Tuesday was our first day, and guess what? We won! I was playing the whole time, and we won. Imagine!

My athletic prowess even surprises myself.

Being a freshman is going to be so much fun. I’m already excited for Homecoming. I can’t wait to pick out my dress.

Not gonna lie, the process for finding a dress that year was like trying to get down to the inner circle of Hell. There had been a recent crack-down on modesty at special events, and due to the nature of the school, every teenage girl had to show pictures of themselves in their dress or walk down to the office in person for official inspection by the women in the office. It was not what I would call a fun time.

Well, I’m running out of stuff to say.

Never seemed to be a problem for me before.

My life is kinda boring.

And yet again, nothing changes.

Oh, well, more’s the pity. Bye-Bye now!

Conclusion: nothing too embarrassing, beside all of the things I said about my dog. But he’s a beautiful boy! Yes, he is! Who can blame me?

Tune in next time to see me NOT talk about my dog AND have an existential crisis!

It doesn’t get much better than this.


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